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You may be facing various hair problems from lack of volume, body, texture or the inability to grow to desired length and you seek your solution through a hair stylist. You walk down to the most reputed salon in your area with a dream and desire to solve most of your challenges . You wish to have a complete makeover adding exciting new volume, fun hair color without harsh chemicals and instant length in one salon visit. You are well aware of various options you can achieve wearing clip in hair extensions or human hair extensions.

However, you need to do your homework before you can surrender your hair to the right hair stylist. It is very important to consider a certified hair stylist with training in hair extensions for makeovers and application options. Do not hesitate to ask for ask for certifications, credentials, and experience. You can confirm their professional abilities with hair extensions talking to their clients. You can also check their skill level through their hair extensions portfolio stylebook with their best makeover photographs. If the stylist is truly focused on you, she/he will ask you pertinent questions on your lifestyle,health and haircare regime and validate your concerns.

It may take some time and research to find a suitable hairstylist whom you can trust your hair for a complete makeover, but its worth the time and effort. Hair Extensions Australia provides a unique friendly customer system wherein anyone can send several headshots of themselves using the contact us form on their Contact Us page to seek advise on which set would best suit their current look. Check them at http://www.hairextensions-australia.com.au


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Clip-in Extensions come in handy when you want to partially color your hair. You can now avoid applying those toxic chemicals to your natural hair and color your clip-in hair extensions instead. Another option is to choose from the exclusive pre-colored Clip-in Hair Extensions. Many brands offer clip in extensions of different qualities. However, Remy quality human hair is the best choice.

1. Always test a section of your hair extensions with your desired hair dye to see what the color looks like and see if it matches your natural hair.

1. Make sure you dye your clip in hair extensions to a darker shade and not a lighter one.

2. Always use a good quality semi permanent hair dye as this helps your human hair extensions to hold their color better and as a result, the color will last longer.

4. Start color application in the mid-lengths of long hair and work the color up to the roots and down to ends.

5. Once you color the extensions, fold the foil over the weft hair and allow the color to stay on the hair as long as the instructions suggest.

5.Like you do for your natural hair, Once you rinse the color, make sure you condition it to prevent damage.

Once you have cleaned them, let the hair extensions dry completely so that the moisture fades away, especially, if they are human hair extensions. If they are not completely dried out, then the moist strands may stick together and attract a lot of dust and dirt. You may want to avoid this as it can also create unnecessary tangles among the strands, leading to breakage. So, the best way to dry them is to fix them to a coat hanger and leave them in a moisture free environment. Sometimes, when the natural hair extensions are dried out incorrectly, they may produce an unpleasant odor. So take appropriate care while you are drying them out.Never use a brush on wet extensions. Work through tangles with a wide tooth comb, starting with the ends and moving to roots.
You can check further tips on hair care on this site: http://www.hairextensions-australia.com.au/

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