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Remember how you’ve always yearned for those crazy colored hair ever since you saw some Hollywood celebs sporting them? Well, we’ve got some good news for you. Such lovely hairdos are no longer the privileges of celebs. Thanks to feather hair extensions, the latest and the most advanced product is the arena of hair extensions, you can realize your dream of flaunting your favorite hairdos. While the feather extensions do their bit in bestowing you with the desired looks, in turn, they demand a good degree is care. Before you start worrying, we want to assure you that when we say care we do not mean hassle. The process is quite simple.

To Begin With:

1. Take extra care that you do not forget to remove your feather extensions before retiring to bed. Wearing them to the bed is detrimental to their life and performance.

2. While not using hair extensions, keep them in a cool and dry place. Ensure that the place is not damp. The best thing to do is to hang them safely in a cupboard. Another thing which you can do is to re-pack them neatly in their package. Just make sure that you keep the pieces together so that you don’t have to search for them when you want to use them again.

How to Wash your Feather Hair Extensions

1. Here’s the textbook process to wash feather hair extensions: Hold the hair extensions under a shower or bath tap. This will ensure that the water runs down and tangles are avoided. Lukewarm water is your best and safest bet for washing human hair extensions.

2. Be gentle while running shampoo on the extensions. Do not go harsh on them and just be careful not to wash too close to the microlinks. Be very gentle! The idea is to make sure that the shampoo seeps through the feather and does not just remain on the surface.

3. Do not shampoo very often as this will cause your extensions to fall out more quickly.

Drying of Hair Extensions
Once shampooing, you would need to dry the hair extensions. Now you really need to be very careful hair. Wrap the extensions in a soft towel and then gently squeeze the moisture out of them. Do not rub them harshly. If you use an electric dryer, then keep the heat setting at the recommended level.

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